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November 2008

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absterdoodle in october2008

Week 26

So, I'm currently on week 26 in my pregnancy.
I'm about the size of a house these days.
As I was taking a shower this afternoon, some questions came to mind.
Perhaps some of you might help me out in this area.

- Not to offend anybody, but seriously, how in the hell are you supposed to shave your vagina at this point!?! My stomach is so friggin' huge there is no way around it. I'm basically going by touch these days, only to discover later that I've missed quite large patches here and there. It's so annoying. My husband offers to shave for me except...KTHXNO!
Should I even BE shaving? Sounds silly but is it better for delivery if I don't?

- Thing number two: for about two weeks now I've been getting pains in my vaginal area. They're not cramps and they're not contractions (no hard knot areas in my tummy), it's more like I've been working out for a really long time and I have a really sore muscle. In my vagina. When I turn over at night, stand up, or even walk around for too long it starts hurting. Has anybody else experienced this? I've been reading "What To Expect When You're Expecting" and it doesn't really mention this issue. Of course, I'm going to talk to the doctor about it but I was just wondering if anybody had any pointers.


lol, there's no need to shave - it won't have any effect on birth in any way, whatsoever. If anything, not shaving will prevent you from developing irritating ingrown hairs, which may become infected. If you miss some patches, so be it.

Besides, there's no need to shave your vagina, ever, under any circumstances! In fact, shaving one's vagina can contribute to yeast infections, due to the exposure to soap and/or shaving cream. If you need to do it to feel neat, then I suggest trimming the hair instead, which is what I do. However, I haven't been doing it since my belly's gotten bigger and I haven't experienced any ill effects whatsoever.

I've just been shaving my legs by feel, but I don't worry too much about precision and I haven't been shaving as frequently, because my skin has been much more sensitive since I got pregnant and I seem to get cuts more easily than before.

If you're having pain in your vagina, bring it up with your doctor/midwife, because it could be a varicose vein causing the pain; I know a woman who recently had her seventh baby and had to wear a vulva support garment to prevent the further development of a large varicose vein and she describe the pain similarly. Of course, it could just be a sore muscle; I got one in my upper thigh that I could not, for the life of me, stretch out and which I had never been bothered by before in my life, but it went away after a few days.
I have to contort myself to do any bikini shaving, so I just try to keep it trimmed outside the panty line. We also have an electric trimmer that I use to keep everything short and neat, you don't have to be able to see quite as well for that.

They stopped shaving women in labor because it can increase the chances of infection for a regular vaginal delivery by introducing more skin abrasions and cuts.

Your vagina is a muscle and the entire pubic region is under a lot of pressure right now, so it may often feel like a pulled muscle.
I'm not even trying-I'm making my husband trim for me =/ I'm too afraid to cut myself.
I sit on the inside edge of the bathroom tub, and with a mirror suctioned to the inner wall, I can see everything I need to properly trim/shave. I did it with my last pregnancy, and it works just as well with this one.
I agree though, there isn't a real need to shave anything unless you don't feel comfortable with growth down there. The risk of cuts could also be higher if you haven't had much practice and the last thing you need is a nasty cut the day you deliver - things do stretch in that area and you might open up the wound a second time during delivery causing you more pain than just pushing the baby out. Just a thought.

As far as the pain is concerned, I was told last time I was in to see my doc that it could be sciatica(?)...haven't researched it much more, so I'm not sure, but it's a start.
I have sciatica, it's more of a pain in your butt (literally) and down the back of your thigh than anything in the vaginal area. It sucks.
No need to shave and as the other poster said it can for vaginal deliveries cause infections on baby because of scratches and such.

With both of my last 2 pregnancies I've had pain, more in the pelvic area about this point and on. Rolling over in bed hurts, walking long distances can hurt and it does feel more of less like a pulled muscle. `
I disagree with any comments that say vaginal shaving is likely to cause problems. If you're like me when you do it routinely you DONT get irritated or get ingrown hairs. It's absolutely unncessary but it is a personal preference. The chance of having an infection from an open sore from shaving and passing it on to the baby is negligible. Much more risk from tearing or having to have an episiotomy. Sillyness.
I think the main concern from what I've read is stubble as it tends to be scratcy if not shaven well and regularly which is what happens with most pregnant women because who is going to shave during long labor, and a lot of us don't trust someone else to do it for us, etc.
I trim rather than shave, but since I can't see around my belly anymore I have my husband do it for me.
I just had it waxed professionally when I got to big to see down there. I haven't had it done yet this time round (I'm busy running after a toddler) but will be getting it down before I deliver, I had very bad tearing with my first and the dr that sewed me up commented that because of the very short hair I would heal faster and there was less chance of infection from hair in the tears.
If you can afford it, start waxing... I can't afford it, hence why it's scary down there, lol... I guess it doesn't really matter anyway, it's not like anyone cares (i'm single and preggo)...

For thing number 2, I had the same thing, and my doc said Round Ligament Pain. It f*ing sucks. Have you noticed the same type of pain on the sides of your abdomen? Its the same thing...
I agree with most other ladies about the vaginal pain. I had vulvar varicosities and wearing snug men's underwear (the boxery brief kind, only stretchy) seemed to help a bunch. Don't sit on the toilet for too long or in one position too long either. And don't worry!! This will go away as soon as that baby quits sitting on your vaginal muscles.

I gave up on trimming last time and I can see that I'll be doing it again. There's no way I'd let my husband down there for a trim. I think that's lunacy. :)
According to my OB and a midwife friend, the pain is either a varicose vein or just the pressure of all the extra blood coursing through your body, including your vag. I had that really early on and though I didn't have it often, it was hella painful when it did.

I don't shave often (my skin is soooo sensitive that I get a mad rash and itch like a mofo...oh so sexy...) but I did trim last night cuz I was uncomfortable. Apparently, hair down there is growing as fast as the hair on my head! :) I'm 22 weeks though, and not really showing, so nothing's really in the way.
I guess I lucked out, my husband was a swimmer in college so I trust him with a razor around delicate bits. But I just wanted to add my comment about the vagina pain - I get it too! Someone else mentioned round ligament pain and that's what I was told it was, too. So rest assured, it's normal - as "normal" as anything else we go through while gestating. :]