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Nov. 3rd, 2008

whitewash Sherri


Hooray! Pregnancy is over. It's a...

Beautiful, 7 lb. 13 oz., 19 inch, baby GIRL!  

Her name is Josephine Yvaine and she is turning out to be the sweetest little thing.  She was born after 6 1/2 hours of labor (which I hesitate to call it, because only the last hour was painful) at 7:23 am on November 2nd.  She looks just like Sydney.  Which means she looks just like Matt.  Most of my labor was contractions 3-4 minutes apart lasting about 30-45 seconds.  It was weird to feel so normal and to laugh and talk.  Sydney woke up at about 6:15 and ended up going to the neighbors because she got really scared when I started screaming.  I'm having problems with nursing again, we are doing an SNS until my milk comes in because Josie was already showing signs of dehydration.  It's going well, though.  She is an excellent nurser with a strong latch.  And she loves to nurse, much to the dismay of my aching chest.  I hate giving her formula, but the alternative is too unbearable.  So, we'll just do this and hope that the Metformin I have begun to take will improve my milk supply.  Anyway, on to the pictures!



Here is Sydney:

Sister Love!

And, coincidentally, I am feeling great.  I had a superficial tear, but it didn't need stitches and I am getting around pretty well.  I'm also not feeling too tired for being awake over 30 hours.  And, HOORAY for nursing, I'm already down 15 pounds (just 6 pounds heavier than my start weight.)

Nov. 2nd, 2008



Nothing like labor to make a day seem shiny and bright!

At least, I hope it stays, being that I am one week past my due date.  So far my contractions are manageable, 5-7 minutes apart, and lasting about 45 seconds a piece.  

Okay, OUCH.  That last one really hurt.  Maybe I'll call my midwife. 

I figure I've been awake now for over an hour, with that, "I'm having a baby today" feeling.  So, there it is!  Wish me luck!  

(HA!  Yesterday at my appointment, my midwife said she didn't think I'd go this week.)

Well, I guess I still might not...but, I doubt that.

Thank GOD for homebirth!!!

Sep. 9th, 2008

follow ur heart


just me.. i'm new.. =]

How far along are you? 34 weeks

What symptoms are you experiencing? back pain.. swollen feet.. heartburn, but its been getting less & less..

How are you feeling? i'm kinda tired of feeling so heavy..& sick of my back hurting & complianing about it.  i just want her to see my baby girl & kiss her cheeks!

Any Dr. appointments/ultrasounds/tests this past week and how did they go? i have one tomorrow morning.. i think they are going down there for some kinda swabbing test.  i forgot what it's called.

Anything big happening in your personal life (moving, work related, etc..) --  not really.  my bf might be in line to get a new job which would take him out of town for 5 days a week but he's only be 2 hrs away and home on the weekends.  and it would only be for a max of 3 weeks at a time.  and then he would have a month straight off work & get paid.  and he would be making waaaay more money.  and he'll be getting health benefits & all that good stuff.  so i think it'll be hard being without him, but it will be worth it.

Any food cravings? nothing really.. and everything at the same time.  its all pretty random, but nothing that i seriously haaaaave to eat.

Questions?  what should i put in the hospital bag? 

Tell us your favorite thing about your pregnancy this week.  --  i love feeling her move around & get stronger everyday.  it makes me smile & kinda giddy.  =]

Aug. 9th, 2008



Belly progress...again!

I'm almost 29 weeks now, but I doubt if my belly has gotten any bigger.  I'm measuring a week ahead now, but I'm not sure about my weight because the midwife down here won't weigh me.  I think I've put on somewhere between 5-10 pounds.  I can't wait to move away from this midwife to my next one!

And here's a pic of Sydney and I at the zoo a few weeks ago.  We were rockin' our sunglasses!

Are any of you experiencing a popping noise coming from the baby?  I have asked both of my current midwives and went online for research and nobody knows what the heck it is.  Only 2% of the population of experience it during pregnancy and it didn't happen with Sydney.  No pain or anything involved, it's just the noise coupled with movement of the baby.  I don't think it's my ligaments, either. 

Jul. 24th, 2008



(no subject)

Win some bumgenius diapers!

Jul. 3rd, 2008

Life lessons


Orgasmic Birth

I totally forgot to post the link.  Thanks mummy brain!


Jun. 26th, 2008



Week 26

So, I'm currently on week 26 in my pregnancy.
I'm about the size of a house these days.
As I was taking a shower this afternoon, some questions came to mind.
Perhaps some of you might help me out in this area.

Jun. 16th, 2008



21 weeks

How far along are you? 21 weeks and 1 or 2 days

What symptoms are you experiencing? A little back pain, heartburn, excruciating leg cramps.

How are you feeling? Pretty good overall.

Any Dr. appointments/ultrasounds/tests this past week and how did they go? Yep. Everything looks healthy, and they *think* we're having a girl! She kept putting a hand and foot in the way, so they couldn't get a good look. We're going back in about 6 weeks to find out for sure.

Anything big happening in your personal life (moving, work related, family, etc.)?
Reiterating with work that I'm leaving at the end of July...oy.

Any questions you want to ask?

Any food cravings?
Avocados and peanut M&Ms. (Not together!)

Tell us your favorite thing about your pregnancy this week?
Feeling so much movement. It's really reassuring.
train station


21 weeks

 How far along are you? 21 weeks.

What symptoms are you experiencing?
Not many, actually.  Things in the hunger, headache, and mood departments seem to have calmed down for the time being... I'm still peeing pretty frequently, but I did that before I was pregnant, so I'm not really sure if it's more than usual anymore.  I've just gotten used to it.

How are you feeling?
Fantastic!  I'm feeling a lot of movement now, and Jeff even felt it once or twice - although you can feel it from the outside much more often than that, but he's either not around when it happens, or he's asleep.

Any Dr. appointments/ultrasounds/tests this past week and how did they go?

Anything big happening in your personal life (moving, work related, family, etc.)?
Moved a week ago, so now I'm going crazy with paint swatches.  My mom's coming down for the weekend of the 28th probably, and she's going to help paint, so I'm pretty excited for that.  Had the 'family dinner' thing at my dad's house yesterday... it went pretty well, too, especially considering that side of my family usually reacts like I'm a leper.  But my little cousin, Sarah, actually spoke to me for the first time in her life (she's five), and she was continuously poking my belly and giggling.

The highlight, though, was when my aunt asked if I was still feeling sick, and my grandmother said, "Oh YES!  I had forgotten about that!  I hadn't even noticed!" -- only... she wasn't referring to the three months of morning sickness.  She was talking about my pregnancy in general.  And no, she doesn't have Alzheimers or dementia or anything else that would make her 'forget' things like that normally.  She's not even all that old.  She's just spiteful, and I think she was trying to get back at me for calling and telling my grandpa it was a boy, but not her.  (She wasn't home at the time.)

Any questions you want to ask?
My ever-recurring pregnancy question has been, "When do I get the pretty, glowy, CLEAR, pregnant skin?"  But now... I've officially resigned myself to looking like a 16-year-old.  (Although Jeff did say I was glowing yesterday, which was nice, but I just want the pimples to go away.)

Any food cravings?
Mexican, veggie pizza slices, Dr. Pepper, peanut butter, iced cappucinos.  The list goes on, but I don't want to go through it.  It's making me hungry.

Tell us your favorite thing about your pregnancy this week?
So much movement!  And I love that Jeff finally got to feel it - even though it was a lame little thump, so he still has no idea of the raw power of his son's "real" kicks. 

Jun. 13th, 2008



Hello October Mommies!

 Name: Michelle

Age: 39

How far along are you?: 21 weeks and 3 day

Estimated due date: Oct 21, 2008 -- my Mom's birthday

Do you have any other children?:  I have a 4 year old girl, Morgan.

How long did you TTC before this? Or was it a surprise?:  For about 3 years.  I've have 3 miscarriages since Morgie was born.  We did IVF to finally conceive and make it "stick". 

What symptoms are you experiencing:   Now that the all day nausea has subsided, I'm feeling much better.  I still have lots of food aversions -- don't even make me look at chicken!  And, the heartburn is really bad.  My breasts are starting to leak a little bit, which my daughter finds hysterical and wants to look that them all the time now.  

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